Welcome to The Arteoin

In the days of cameras and video, who really needs a portrait painted? But a portrait is so much more than a picture, it can show the person, the character, the times… and in my work I try to do the same with a variety of images, pointing up qualities in them which might escape the cursory glance. From the meanderings of my own travels, memories, stories, and myths from childhood, I like to find relationships, histories, hidden aspects of things, and show them in abstracted forms including typescript, image, and saturated colours which add brilliance to the ordinary.

Every artist looks, 'sees' things at a slant from the everyday: as I progress, I can see a development, an increase in my ability to show abstractions which speak volumes. Several of my pieces show apparent multiples of the original image, but in fact each rendition is different, and this reflects both the physical changes involved in the 'suicide method' of hand printing, and the differing moods and lighting effects which this throws up. Linocuts can either be used forever (one cut, one colour) or the reduction method… cutting a fresh portion of the picture for each layer of colour. Either way, it offers me a medium which I find bold, strong and exciting. This is my metier… this is my future development.



Latest Images

Here is some of my most recent work.